Cane Corso Mastiff puppies for sale

A mastiff type breed, the Cane Corso is relatively rare, better known in his native Italy. Bred to be a hunter and protector, he’s large, muscular and powerful. Your Cane Corso puppy is smart and easily trained and will form close bonds with the family. As a natural athlete, he needs lots of exercise. Grooming is easy; his thick coat rarely sheds and is completely waterproof.
The parents weigh 120 LBS for the mom and the dad weighs 140 LBS, The puppy’s are estimated to weight and messure
Height: 25-27.5 inches (male), 23.5-26 inches (female)
Weight: 140-155 LBS(male), 120-135 LBS (female)

Discount prices $700.00 – $400.00 Just for this week