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About Us

About Us
Our Philosophy
The most beautiful Mastiff is nothing without the ability to work; this is the important characteristic of the breed, which is often overlooked. The Mastiff puppy is a “working dog”. He must possess this desire with confidence, clear in the head courageousness, the ability to adapt to any situation, be prepared to protect and defend his territory, attack only when given a command by his owner, an obedient, pleasant family companion. The Mastiff dogs are devoted to their family and home, have an excellent character for socialization with other animals, a passion to interact with humans, especially with children. A true family member with robust health. A faithful companion and most often your only best friend. A Harmoniously balanced dog with nobility, ready to explore, ready to please, proud and self-assured with un-matched loyalty. If your dog does not possess the qualities mentioned above, you have a lovely pet, not a real ” Western Empire Mastiffs”.
Our Passion
Hello, we are the Western Empire Mastiffs breeders; I also grew up with the love of this magnificent breed of dogs. My dream as a child was to become a Mastiff breeder, of course people that knew me thought that this was only a young boys fascination and surely he would grow up in pursue of other goals. What they didn’t realize is that my first Mastiff puppy named Dingo, left me with a memory that I would cherish a lifetime. At Western Empire Mastiffs our priority is in our dogs, breeding this magnificent breed is a privilege and an honor. Breeding the Mastiff puppies is not just a hobby for us. It is our “passion”, a commitment of excellence, perfection to you and to our dogs, with knowledge, a dedication that start with the breeder and their breeding stock of superior Mastiff males and females. Our Dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club We focus on many key points, but most importantly, the character behavior drive and character traits of the dogs must meet all phases of the sound temperament “CLEAR IN HEAD”, trademark. This is a proven factor in the genetics of the pedigree of the Mastiffs. In order to achieve positive results you must know your Mastiff Dog first hand. This will enhance your personal knowledge of your dog and help to determine if she/he is breeding material that is suitable for an outstanding world class puppy.”
We’re so confident in our world class Western Empire Mastiffs breeding program that we can offer you a 1 (ONE) year genetic health and temperament guarantee! Our One year guarantee is for your peace of mind, our commitment to you and your new puppy/dog.If you need further assistance please let us know, as we are here to ensure that we exceed your expectations, hope you will enjoy your tour and we hope that you will consider one of our world famous and world class Puppies.“We believe in our Mastiff Puppies breeding program, you should too”!
 AT Western Empire Mastiffs  – We reserve the right to decline purchase if we feel it’s NOT a suitable match for our puppy/dog or the potential client.