KAKADU, Male Neapolitan Mastiff Puppy

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AKC Registered, 1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee, Shots Up To Date With Complete Health Papers
Age: 11 weeks oldFree Shipping : Available Worldwide
Price: $900.00

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AKC Registered, 1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee, Shots Up To Date With Complete Health Papers
Age: 11 WEEKS
Free Shipping : Available Worldwide

Purebred Neapolitan Mastiff puppies for sale, the puppy is 11 weeks old, vet checked, potty trained, AKC registered, healthy and comes to you with all papers, Neapolitan mastiff puppies near me

Once you see a Neapolitan Mastiff you’re unlikely to forget it. They’re massive dogs, with folds of skin, pendulous dewlaps and a heavily wrinkled face. Bred as a defender and guard dog, he is loyal to his family and a serious deterrent to others. Because of his size and temperament, this may not be the right breed for families with small children or for first-time pet owners. It’s important to teach your Neapolitan Mastiff puppy basic obedience early while he’s still a manageable 40-60 pounds. He’ll grow up quickly and will do best with owners who are mindful of the specific needs of the breed.

11 reviews for KAKADU, Male Neapolitan Mastiff Puppy

  1. Dionne Helen

    Our experience with Western Empire Mastiffs was wonderful right from our first point of contact! They are extremely professional and it is evident how passionate they are about their animals! We have been blessed with a very calm and well trained puppy, even at such a young age. The care package they sent home with us was so thoughtful and helped our puppy adjust to her new surroundings. An added bonus were the beautiful photos included at the time of pick-up, documenting her first 8 weeks. most reputable Neapolitan Mastiff breeders nearby

  2. Joseph C. Luttrell

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  3. Christopher K. Stephenson

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  4. Sheena G. Merriman

    Great customer service! Full of knowledge and desire to share it! No complaints at all!

  5. Barbara P. Rowe

    the best neapolitan mastiff

  6. Michelle W. Ford

    He keeps him safe, protects him from harm and is always there when he needs him. Nothing compares to a dog’s love and loyalty.

  7. Carlotta J. Richardson

    So precious
    My hero!!!

  8. William D. Braaten

    I got my dog, Radar, from Westernempire in 20019. He is amazing dog! Radar was a Search & Rescue mastiff . I recommend Westernempire to anyone who is looking for a Neapolitan Mastiff as a family pet or working dog. I am a Certified Dog Trainer, AKC CGC Evaluator and Therapy Dog Evaluator.

  9. Sidney R. Huse

    All dogs need training and far better to do it yourself go to classes to learn how if you don’t know . Make them happy and you
    Highly Recommend Western Empire Mastiff

  10. Nina M. Bateman

    My dog had one floppy ear that I just assumed was broken as a pup …. at 4 years old … it just stood up

  11. Ronnie N. McAuley

    There are animal shelters and rescues that focus specifically on finding great homes for Mastiff puppies. Browse the list of Mastiff rescues and shelters near you, below.
    I highly recommend WesternEmpire

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