Though their large sizes can be intimidating. the Neapolitan mastiff dog breed is a gentle giant that makes an excellent family pet. These dog breed love their families unconditionally but are wary of strangers. There is no doubt these dogs will protect you from an intruder, as their fearless and protective attitude is sure to frighten any unwanted visitors.

In general, Neapolitan mastiffs are quite low-maintenance, easy-going pets. Like all pets, these huge dogs have their quirks.


All of our personal breeding dogs are AKC registered and can competitively compete in AKC obedience-showing. However, in Germany, the SV, DV, & ADRK are the breed clubs who officiate. Here at Whited K-9 Services, Inc., we strive to adhere to these German Standards of Breeding. Great emphasis is placed upon strong, heavy bone structure and impeccable temperament.  In an effort to preserve and enhance the quality of our loved dogs, all of the dogs we utilize in our personal breeding program are meticulously temperament tested, critiqued, and measured against the ultimate ideal specimen of their respected breeds to the very best of our ability and over 20 years of experience.


The entire process was easy. Staff were courteous, informative, direct. Pooch arrived on time , in good health & is happily ensconced in his new home. The add on info from vets, insurance & supply businesses is interesting, but a tad overwhelming at times. Not every area is as amenable to electronic services as the large metropolitan areas. Nor is every patron as amenable to them as others.
Cheryl L.
They provide a great service, although the puppies are a little expensive the service you get from is above and beyond. I'm very satisfied with their service.
Timothy J.
5/5 was great to deal with. We love our new puppy, Cooper. More than just getting a great puppy, it was clear to us that Ppawsboss.storeis a great logistics company. They move many puppies between breeders and new owners. I was impressed by their consistent communication during the process (much of it automated on their app but I’m fine with that), their scrutinizing new owner qualification questions to try to make sure their puppies land in a good home and their brand. I felt like I was dealing with a reputable company all along the way. Here are some pics of Cooper! His big sister, Mazee loves him too!
Catherine S.
We are delighted with our little Humphrey. He has stolen our hearts. He was totally house trained in 8 days, comes when called and sits on command. I think we should change his name to Einstein. I watched a couple of training videos that were recommended. The whole process from purchase to delivery went so smoothly. We got feedback every step of the way. We were contacted when he arrived at the airport and then when he was with his handler on on the road to us.
Charnae S.
Words cannot express how happy we are with the service and care we received with your organization. You are an outstanding organization and we have recommended you to everyone we talk with. Bentley is a joy and we couldn't be happier with him.
Joseph E.
Very disappointed with info provided to customer and there were no updates on travel day. No info about dogs diet and received a tiny sandwich bag of food. That was pathetic for the price we paid.
Kevin S.

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