The Pocket Pitbull, or Miniature Pitbull as this breed is sometimes known, is a more compact version of the well-known American Pitbull terrier. A Pocket Bully is bred by crossing a Patterdale Terrier with an American Pitbull (or American Staffordshire Terrier) to produce a dog who is friendly, loyal, and loving. This breed is a miniature version of the American Pitbull Terrier weighing around 11 to 22lb compared to their purebred parent at 30 to 60lb. Short, stocky, and muscular, the Pocket Pitbull is clever, loyal, and as playful as any other dog breed that enjoys plenty of activity and human interaction. A very recent crossbreed, suited to more experienced owners with an active lifestyle, read on to find out more about this breed.



All of our personal breeding dogs are registered and can competitively compete in obedience-showing. However, in Germany, the SV, DV, & ADRK are the breed clubs who officiate. Here at Whited K-9 Services, Inc., we strive to adhere to these German Standards of Breeding. Great emphasis is placed upon strong, heavy bone structure and impeccable temperament.  In an effort to preserve and enhance the quality of our loved dogs, all of the dogs we utilize in our personal breeding program are meticulously temperament tested, critiqued, and measured against the ultimate ideal specimen of their respected breeds to the very best of our ability and over 20 years of experience.


This was an amazing experience! The team communicated with me throughout the process within the app. The driver delivering my puppy was amazing and gave me updates when he was close as I was told to expect. Overall, I would absolutely recommend to others.
Kent D.
Our Bowzer arrived on time, delivered right to our door. We couldn’t be happier with the entire experience. From the first inquiry to all our questions were answered promptly via phone, text and email. Will highly recommend to everyone for truly exceptional service. Thank you for helping us find our new fur baby.
Rosemary S.
Ashley now Pepper is enjoying her new home and even more her new BIG brother. Our experience with was incredibly professional with communications when I needed them. The puppy spot application worked amazingly as well. I had trouble with confirming my puppy’s travel but the chat feature helped take care of me and the issue. Travel arrangements were followed and my notification the day before followed all directions. I have been struggling getting Pepper into the vet to get the ‘vet certification’ needed for the warranty but sent and email and received immediate response. The last thing which was a little surprise was the AKC call stating I needed to complete their info to transfer Pepper to us officially. That process was a little unknown and still having challenges with it even after talking to someone at AKC. Overall, I am a happy puppy spot customer and will look to you in the future when my daughter is looking for her first pup.
Christian Q.
I absolutely love You guys are the best. Very helpful with all concerns and questions. I have no complaints and I am very happy. Thank you for everything you do. Much appreciated.
Elizabeth B.
My experience with was more than outstanding highly recommend and have been recommending them to people that want to get a dog they were helpful sincere made us feel like family kept us up-to-date in the loop day-to-day on the progress of our puppy up to the time he was brought right to our door
Diane A.
It was amazing! My little Delilah is such a sweetheart. Every step that was taken to purchase her and to get her to me was quick and thorough. I highly recommend when buying a puppy.
Marlene K.